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Water Jets in action
Water Jets in action
Water Jets in Action
Water Jets in Action

  • History

  • Uses jet of water under high pressure to move rock or dislodge sediment.
  • Developed by the romans.
  • Also used in Elizabethan Britan for getting lead, tin, and copper mines.
  • Became known as hushing.
  • Has a terrible effect on the environment.
  • Millions of tons of earth were dumped into streams causing major flooding.
  • Large farming areas in sacramento were buried by sediment.
  • The farmers evetually sued the mining company and took it to district court in San Fransisco.
  • This technology of hydraulic mining was exported to alot of other places that include:
  • Oregon, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, Idaho, Alaska, South Dakota, British Colombia (Canada).
  • More info about hydraulic mining at Wikipedia
  • More info about Malakoff Diffins Hydraulic Mining site
  • Erosion Caused by Hydraulic Mining
    Erosion Caused by Hydraulic Mining