Oregon Trail

  • The Oregon Trail began in 1843 in Missouri.
Oregon Trail carriages

  • They traveled by wagon and by foot. they didn't have cars, so it took a very long time to go from place to place.
  • The Oregon Trail was not just a road to Oregon, but a pathway to the whole western United States.
  • On good sunny days the wagon could travel about fifteen miles a day. If it is a very rainy day then the wagon could only travel one mile a day.
End of the Oregon Trail

  • Marcus Whitman, and Narcissa Whitman played a very important role in the Oregon Trail. They were the first emigrants to travel the full length of the Oregon Trail.
  • Marcus Whitman led the Great Migration. Thousands of people followed him on this journey.
  • The Oregon Trail was about 2170 miles long.
Oregon Trail Route

  • 2000 miles were walked barefoot.
  • The states we now know as Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho probably wouldn't be part of the United States if it weren't for the Oregon Trail.
  • They shot buffalo and ate it. They ate a lot of corn. They made jellies, and ate some fruits that they found. They made some pies. A lot of the fruits that they ate were very poisonous so many of them got sick during their journey.
  • This journey was about five to six months.
  • It ended in Oregon City in about 1930.

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