Levi Strauss

In the early 1800s Lob Strauss was born in Bavaira, Germany to Hirsch Strauss and his wife Rebecca (Haas) Strauss. At the age of 18, He sailed to the United States to join his brothers Jonas and Louis. They has just begun to dry goods and build a company. His two sisters and mother came with him. By 1850 Strauss was already calling himself Levi. In 1853, Strauss became an American Citizen. Then he moved to San Francisco, to earn some money while the gold rush was still going on. He first started with a dried food business, called Levi Strauss & Co. He didn't like that too much, so he tried making tents and covers for wagons. When he heard that the miners were complaining about there cotton pants ripping, he decided to change that and create a pant that was ready for anything. Thats where the jean got started. A man named Jacob Davis was trying to make and sale his own version of over-alls. They were made from brown sailcloth made from hemp, his trousers had ore storage pockets that were nearly impossible to split. Unfortonatly he didnt have the money to make the over-alls. Thats where Levi came in, they agreed to share the business and create the jean. Strauss Died at the age of 73 in 1902. He was buried in Colma, California. Strauss had never married and left his thriving business to his nephews Jacob, Louis, Abraham, and Sigmund Stern.
Levi Strauss in his 60s