Karankawa Indians
  • The Karankawa Indians lived along the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Their territory was from the west of Galveston Island down the coast.
  • The Karankawa were pretty good fighters and European settlers feared them but they wanted the Karakawa land.
  • Many of the Karankawa warriors were over 6 feet tall. People were shorter back then and 6 foot tall Indians were really big.
  • jl.jpg
    Three Kawankawa Native American
  • KarankawaTerritory.gif
    The territory of Karankawa
  • Some Karankawa Indian where not in tribs but in bands.
  • Some Karankawa were nice and some were mean.
  • The Karankawa made their camp near water mainly because the bottoms were mostly smooth and the water was shallow. These waters enabled them to go out into the pools and in the clear, slowly ebbing water taking the fish and oysters they desired.
  • by the year 1860, on the eve of the American Civil War, they had been completely exterminated.

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