• The Hidatsa (called Minnetaree by their allies, the Mandan) are a Siouan people, a part of the Three Affiliated Tribes. The Hidatsa name for themselves is Nuxbaaga ("Original People"). The name Hidatsa, said to mean "Willows," was formerly borne by one of the tribal villages. When the villages consolidated, the name was adopted for the tribe as a whole. Their language is related to that of the Crow, and they are often considered a parent tribe to the modern Crow in Montana. Occasionally they have also been confused with the Gros Ventres in Montana.
  • One Hidatsa Indian group told their children about a hero known as Charred Body. He is thought to have led the original thirteen clans of the Hidatsa on a magical arrow that flew down from the world above to a site along today�s Turtle Creek not far from Mandan, North Dakota. Here Charred Body bested the local monsters so that his people could begin their existence as human beings (2). The story had claimed to explain the origins of the members of the tribe and the world they live in. Hidatsa Indians are currently connected with the Mandan and the Arikara tribes. These tribes are referred to as the Three Affiliated Tribes. Today the Hidatsa share reservation life and businesses with the Mandan and Arikara near Fort Berthold.
Hidatsa Indian