William Clark

  • William Clark was born in Caroline Country in Virgina, on August 1 1770. He was one of ten children in the Clark family. His older brothers were drafted into the Revolutionary War, but he was to young to fight. After his brothers were sent of to war his family moved and settled on Mulberry Hill. William Clark lived there until 1803. Some time later George Rogers Clark taught William survival skills. After thew end of the Revolutionary War, Kentuckians continued to fight an undeclared war against American Indians. When William Clark was 19 years old, he began his life in the militia. He kept a journal of the journey to go fight some Native Americans. He also served as the quartermaster, while in the militia.
  • On July 1, 1796, Clark resigned his commission due to bad health, and returned to Mulberry Hill. Clark then asked Lewis to join him in the Corps of Discovery. Lewis and Clark ave been on the expedition for three years and have discovered a lot of Landmarks.