Comanche Indians

A Comanche named Bow and Quiver. Painted by George Catlin in 1832.

  • The Comanche Indians were fierce warriors who lived on the Southern Plains.
  • The Southern Plains(Map) are around the north par of Texas and south part of Nebraska
  • Very good traders
  • Wore European clothing, with many silver 'conchos' and very fine leather boots.
  • Comanche's were organized as bands.
  • only time leaders would have more then one band was when two or three joined to fight a common enemy or a very big raid
  • There were 12 bands of comanches, but the number has changed.
  • Some of the bands were; The Quahadies, and Penateka.
  • Quahadies means antelope, buffalo, and the yap-eaters.
  • Penatake means honey eater.
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