• Blackfoot comes from the moccasins the people of the tribe wore that became black as they walked through the ashes of prairie fires
  • lived in northern Montana and southern Alberta, Canada
  • They lived in tipis and wore clothes of animal skin
  • rode horses for transportation
  • food was meat from wild game, nuts, berries, and other wild plants.
  • lived along the rivers of the northern Rocky Mountains
  • Many bands of this tribe spent the winter along the Flathead River, which begins in British Columbia and flows into Flathead Lake in northern Montana
  • men hunted elk, deer, moose, antelope and bear in the forests along the river

  • Blackfeet Indian Reservation is made up of 1.5 million acres located in the northwestern part of Montana

  • The Blackfeet Tribe has approximately 15,560 enrolled members of wihch 8, 560 are off-reservation and 7,000 are on-reservation

  • Some of the tribal members are original allotted and un-allotted land owners & others lease or rent.
Blackfeet Tribe Flag